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    Weihai Gernuman Automation Co., LTD. (National high-tech enterprise, New four board), founded in 2012, registered capital of 21 million yuan, covers an area of more than 20 mu, construction area of more than 14,000 square meters, has R & D office building, digital production workshop, key laboratory, etc. It is mainly engaged in carbon fiber winding machine, curing line, hydrogen bottle automation production line, carbon fiber wire laying equipment, environmental protection VOC treatment equipment, etc., under the subsidiary independent legal institution Weihai Lantuo Industrial Automation Research Institute (Shandong Province new research and development institution) and Shanghai Gernuman Automation Equipment Co., LTD.


Dual drive

Automatic inflation

Automatic sticking

High efficiency

Many specifications

Between the square inch, the slightest difference is a thousand miles, GERNUMAN only do fine!

Multi-dimensional CNC fiber winding machine originated from

the missile shell winding technology of Harbin Institute of Technology

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Our advantage

Respect for customers, integrity and responsibility

integrity and unity, innovation and win-win

Professional R & D personnel and units

    It has built a digital factory test platform, hydrogen energy equipment simulation platform, robot simulation platform, etc., and has established deep cooperative relations with Harbin Institute of Technology, Shanghai Maritime University, Dalian University of Technology, and is a key industry-university-research achievement transformation unit of Harbin Institute of Technology.

Advanced production and experimental equipment

    Focus on the industry, to provide customers with efficient and reliable high-end equipment, intelligent, unmanned equipment solutions.

    To be one of the outstanding high-end equipment intelligent enterprises in the country, to achieve a win-win situation for customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees.

Respect for customers, integrity and responsibility, integrity and unity, innovation and win-win.

Innovation platform, with intellectual property rights

    The company has been identified as "National high-tech Enterprise", "Science and technology Enterprise of the Ministry of Science and Technology", "Gazelle Enterprise of Shandong Province", "Specialized and special new Enterprise of Shandong Province" and Shandong new research and development institution. It has "Academician (expert) Workstation of Shandong Province", "Industrial Design Center of Shandong Province", "One enterprise one Technology R&D Center of Shandong Province", "Weihai Engineering Technology Research Center", "Weihai Key Laboratory" and "Weihai Engineering Laboratory".

Provide intelligent, unmanned equipment solutions

Focus on the industry, to provide customers with efficient and reliable high-end equipment

Service hotline:


Service hotline:


Company Tel: +86-0631-5318069-8001

Company email: gernuman@163.com

Add: No.11-1, Fengchao Street, Fenglin Office, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Weihai City

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