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How to debug the newly purchased winding machine?

The winding packaging machine is one of the indispensable packaging equipment in the company's reproduction packaging. The automatic winding machine is mainly used to wrap large goods or relatively loose goods, so as to realize the role of dustproof, waterproof and fixed products. Although the volume of the winding machine is relatively large, the working principle of the winding machine is relatively simple, and the operation is relatively simple, but some winding machines, customers do not know how to operate at the beginning of the purchase, there may be some problems, which problems often occur? How should we solve the problem when it comes up again? The following is a brief introduction:
1. New winding machine parameters are not set. After the purchase of the winding machine, we must first set certain parameters according to the product to be packaged, such as how many layers of winding film to be wrapped according to the product, running up and down several times and other information, which requires customers to set according to the actual situation of their own products, customers can set themselves after purchase, open the control panel can be.
2. Whether the winding film is fixed on the product. When winding the item, the winding film should pass through the mold, which is known to the customer, but the winding film should also be fixed on the mold frame, and then fixed on the winding object, so that when the mold frame rises or falls, the winding film can wrap the product normally.
3. Check whether to return to the original page. There are many parameters to be set on the control panel of the winding machine, but does the user return the interface to the original interface after setting these parameters? If you do not return to the original interface, the machine will default to the set state and will not run automatically.
4. When we use the newly purchased winding machine, there will certainly be different problems. If some suppliers have door-to-door technical personnel training, it will be much better, but the cost of door-to-door installation and debugging is relatively high; If there is no on-site installation and debugging, the customer's own setting may be more troublesome.

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