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  • Weihai Gennorman participated in JEC WORLD Composite Exhibition in Paris, France


    Booth number: 5A91 Weihai Genoman Automation Co., LTDCompany profileWeihai Gernuman Automation Co., LTD. (National high-tech enterprise, New four board), founded in 2012, registered capital of 21 million yuan, covers an area of more than 20 mu, construction area of 14,000 square meters, has R D office building, digital workshop. Mainly engaged in carbon fiber winding equipment, carbon fiber tape laying equipment, rotary curing furnace, carbon fiber winding integrated machine, hydrogen bottle au

  • Exhibitor styleحWeihai Gennorman Automation - focused on fiber winding fully automatic solutions


    We sincerely invite you to visit SAMPE China 2024 Annual Conference and the 19th International Exhibition on Advanced Composite Products, Raw Materials, Tooling and Engineering Applications, which will be held at Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Chaoyang Hall) on June 19-21, 2024.

  • Genoman signed orders for a number of carbon fiber winding equipment exported to the United States


    In October 2023, following the export of three multi-station automatic winding equipment to India on August 10, Gernuman opened up a new international market and won several orders for multi-station automatic winding equipment exported to the United States. As a representative of enterprises optimizing the industrial chain, Gernuman actively and continuously innovates and strictly controls all aspects of equipment manufacturing, which has been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abro

  • Is the design of the winding machine important?


    The appearance design of the winding machine plays an important role in the overall image and user experience of the product. Although the winding machine is mainly used to complete the function of automatic winding and packaging, the appearance design is also a factor that cannot be ignored. Below I will analyze the importance of the appearance design of the winding machine in detail.First of all, the appearance design directly affects the impression of the product. When users touch the winding

  • What are the key links in the hydrogen cylinder production line?


    Hydrogen cylinder production line refers to a series of processes and equipment used to produce hydrogen cylinders. As a kind of hydrogen storage equipment, hydrogen cylinder is widely used in industrial fields, such as fuel cell, petrochemical and so on. In the hydrogen cylinder production line, there are many key links that determine the quality, efficiency and safety of the product.First of all, raw material preparation is one of the key links of the hydrogen cylinder production line. The com

  • How to choose the automation equipment suitable for hydrogen cylinder production line?


    When choosing automation equipment suitable for hydrogen cylinder production line, the following aspects need to be considered:Production line production scale and capacity: First of all, you need to choose automation equipment according to the production scale and capacity requirements of the hydrogen bottle production line. Equipment suitable for the size of the production line should be selected, which can meet the required daily hydrogen bottle production, and has a certain production effici

  • What is the production process of the hydrogen cylinder production line?


    The hydrogen cylinder production line is a special production process for the manufacture of hydrogen cylinders. The following will introduce the production process of the hydrogen bottle production line.First of all, a step in the hydrogen bottle production line is the preparation of raw materials. The main raw material for manufacturing hydrogen cylinders is high-strength alloy steel pipe, which is specially treated to improve its pressure resistance. In addition, it is also necessary to prepa

  • Not to know the chemical industry VOCs governance new technology


    The strengthening of the policy level has made the prevention and control of VOCs pollution one of the key tasks of the environmental protection work of many enterprises, among which the management of VOCs in the chemical industry is the top priority. Fortunately, new technologies developed in recent years have provided a great boost to VOCs governance in the chemical industry. These new technologies include leak detection and treatment (LDAR) technology, plasma technology, biotechnology, photoc

  • How to solve the excessive noise in the operation of winding machine


    Winding machine is prone to noise in the operation process, customers often react to a lot of noise, but it does not affect the operation of the winding packaging machine, we often receive such calls, sometimes generated by the winding machine film frame, sometimes produced by the turntable, through our years of summary, winding machine noise causes are several, give you a summary, I hope it will be helpful in my future work.The following is for you to share the reasons for the noise of several

  • Winding machine maintenance three points


    With the wide use of winding machines in the industrial field, the maintenance of winding machines has also become a matter of enterprise production efficiency and product quality. Maintenance of winding machines involves many aspects, of which the three most important aspects are keeping the machine clean, replacing parts regularly and performing preventive maintenance.Keep the machine cleanWinding machine in the daily use process will produce a lot of dust and dirt, these dirt if not cleaned u

  • How to debug the newly purchased winding machine?


    The winding packaging machine is one of the indispensable packaging equipment in the company's reproduction packaging. The automatic winding machine is mainly used to wrap large goods or relatively loose goods, so as to realize the role of dustproof, waterproof and fixed products. Although the volume of the winding machine is relatively large, the working principle of the winding machine is relatively simple, and the operation is relatively simple, but some winding machines, customers do not


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