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How to solve the excessive noise in the operation of winding machine

Winding machine is prone to noise in the operation process, customers often react to a lot of noise, but it does not affect the operation of the winding packaging machine, we often receive such calls, sometimes generated by the winding machine film frame, sometimes produced by the turntable, through our years of summary, winding machine noise causes are several, give you a summary, I hope it will be helpful in my future work.
The following is for you to share the reasons for the noise of several winding packaging machines.
1, the noise in the upgrading process of the film frame, mainly vibration noise, this noise is because the film frame and the column fixing screws are not the same, the three screws are newly fixed, the tightness is adjusted to as unified as possible, the problem will be solved.
2, film frame film noise, this noise is mainly caused by the winding film viscosity is too large or static electricity, can be boldly used, will not affect the winding machine life, if the noise is too large, you can try to replace the winding film.
3, turntable noise, this noise is mainly caused by uneven turntable or support wheel damage, it is recommended to re-correct the level, if the tug is damaged, it is recommended to replace the tug in time to prevent affecting the life of other tugs.

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