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What is the production process of the hydrogen cylinder production line?

The hydrogen cylinder production line is a special production process for the manufacture of hydrogen cylinders. The following will introduce the production process of the hydrogen bottle production line.
First of all, a step in the hydrogen bottle production line is the preparation of raw materials. The main raw material for manufacturing hydrogen cylinders is high-strength alloy steel pipe, which is specially treated to improve its pressure resistance. In addition, it is also necessary to prepare other auxiliary materials required for processing, such as sealing glue, anti-corrosion oil, etc.
Next, the raw material will be sent to the machining shop for the next step of processing. First, the diameter of the raw material is cut to the appropriate size and divided according to the different specifications of the hydrogen bottle. Then, the cut steel pipe is sent to the cold rolling machine for cold rolling processing to improve the surface smoothness and dimensional accuracy of the steel pipe.
Then, the cold-rolled steel pipe will enter the heat treatment furnace for annealing treatment. This step is to remove the stress inside the steel pipe and improve its physical properties. After annealing, the steel pipe will be cleaned and deoxidized to remove the remaining dirt and oxide.
The next step is to cold squeeze the steel pipe. First, the steel pipe is fed into a cold extrusion machine, and under the action of high pressure, the steel pipe is gradually shrunk into the shape of a hydrogen bottle. This process requires strict control of temperature and extrusion pressure to ensure the accuracy of the size and structure of the hydrogen bottle.
After the cold extrusion is complete, the next step for the hydrogen bottle is welding. Welding is an important step in joining the two main parts of the hydrogen cylinder, the bottom and the cylinder. Automatic welding robots are usually used for welding to improve production efficiency and welding quality.
After the welding is completed, the hydrogen cylinder will be treated with the internal and external surfaces. The interior is mainly derusting and cleaning treatment to ensure the cleanliness of the inside of the hydrogen cylinder. The exterior is mainly polished and painted to improve the beauty and corrosion resistance of the hydrogen bottle.
Finally, the hydrogen bottle also needs to be packaged and packaged. First test the gas tightness of the hydrogen cylinder to ensure that there are no leakage problems. Then, the hydrogen bottle is put into a suitable packaging box, and attached with instructions, labels and other relevant information for transportation and sales.
After the completion of the entire production process, after strict quality inspection, qualified hydrogen bottles will be sent to the warehouse for storage and ready for shipment. It should be noted that due to the flammable and explosive characteristics of hydrogen, the production process and quality control requirements for hydrogen bottles are very strict to ensure the safety and reliability of hydrogen bottles.
The above is the production process of the hydrogen bottle production line, which covers raw material preparation, processing, welding, treatment, packaging and other links to ensure the production of hydrogen bottles that meet the requirements. This production process requires fine operation and a high degree of automation equipment support to improve production efficiency and product quality.

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